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Which pairs to trade

SignalToTrade.Com - Which pair to trade

Choose right currency pair or asset for tradingit will help you have bigger probabilities to win for your trading strategy. You should consider trading as fishing, so when you choose the right lake having a lot of fishes it will offer more opportunities for you could ... (Read more).

Market Trend Heatmap

SignalToTrade.Com - Market Trend Heatmap

Chosen the right lake (the right currency pair for trading) you have to choose right food (right trading strategy) for fishing (trading). The trading method for trending market is different compared the one for ranging market… In this section we will provide the ... (Read more).

Entry Opportunities

SignalToTrade.Com - Entry Opportunities

You have the right lake, right good so when will you fish? In this section our algorithm trading will provide timing we should put the trade in each timeframe... (Read more).

Support & Resistance

SignalToTrade.Com - Support & Resistance

If you consider trading as a battle so where your stop loss should to hide, where you should consider to take profit? Is the potential profit zone bigger than stop loss zone? In this sectionour system will help you find the support and resistance level base on ... (Read more).

Take profit like Pro

SignalToTrade.Com - The length of wave

How much should I take profit for M15 trading or H1? Is trading m15 or M30 more effective? In this unit we will use our profit meter to estimate the average profit of each time frame for each currency pair or asset so base on that you can have set your goal logically...(Read more).

Potential Reversal Zone

SignalToTrade.Com - The cycle of wave

We use Elliott wave algorithm analysis to find the Potential Reversal Zone of Overbought and oversold where trader should consider take profit or scan for the reverse entry. In this function we will help you use tool to scan all market and find our more chance for trading... (Read more).

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Big view cross over multi-timeframe will help you to gain high profit.

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Researchers come from big Lab prodive good algorithm to analyse Forex market.

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Include AI technologies and Cloud base make powerful to generate realtime signal.

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Signals reviewed by our senior financial experts will help you have bigger probabilities.

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